Communicating CreativeDrought to the scientific community: Conference abstract successes

So this is a short blog post to just promote the success of all three CreativeDrought post-doc conference abstracts…

Back in January and February all three post docs submitted conference abstracts to be able to share the novel methodology, results and lessons of the CreativeDrought project with the wider scientific community. Sally submitted to the largest European geoscientist conference – EGU, which is held annually in Vienna at the end of April (; Eugine submitted to the International Association of Hydrological Scientists Scientific Assembly in South Africa at the start of July (; and Mel submitted to the annual international conference at the Royal Geographical Society – RGS-IBG which is held annually in London at the end of August (, In the process of generating these abstracts, as an interdisciplinary team we were able to learn a lot about how the different sciences approach conferences, presentations and abstracts.

Sally’s abstract confirmation came through first at the end of January. She will be presenting a poster titled “CreativeDrought: An interdisciplinary approach to building resilience to drought” in the session “Hydrology & Society: Transdisciplinary approaches to hydrology and water resources management” on Tuesday 25th April at EGU, Vienna.

Whilst Mel and Eugine are still out on their final week of the field season wrapping up their data collection, transcribing and doing some preliminary data analysis for initial feedback to the community, we have had confirmation that both their abstracts have been accepted.

Eugine’s abstract of “Developing local level resilience through experimental knowledge building: an interdisciplinary approach to coping with drought in rural Southern Africa” was accepted for the session “Extreme events: links between science and practice” for July.

Mel’s abstract for the presentation “Interdisciplinarity in drought research: experimenting with combining narratives and modelling” was accepted in the session “The interdisciplinary field (1): positions and framings” for August.

All three abstracts can be found on the resources page of the CreativeDrought website. Keep your eye out for a blog post after each conference about how it went.


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