The community workshops constitute the main engagement activity with the villagers. The aim was to get groups within the community to creatively engage with future drought scenarios based on local data and tailored to the local area. The intention was to explore preparedness and adaptation strategies for future droughts and encourage intergenerational and cross-sectoral exchange. Seven workshops were carried out with a range of groups, such as orchard farmers, livestock farmers, young farmers on the irrigation scheme, experienced farmers on the irrigation scheme, village leaders and young mothers.

In the workshops, each group created short stories about how as individuals, families or as a village they would be impacted on by a future drought and how they would prepare for or adapt to changes in water availability in Folovhodwe. This was filmed and a selection was professionally edited by Storyworks UK. The edited videos can be found below.

Farmers on the irrigation scheme

Livestock farmers


Orchard farmers

Unemployed community member

Community leader